New Haven & Derby Railroad Company

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Born of civic spirit to facilitate public travel and transportation of the mails between New Haven and the Naugatuck Valley, the New Haven & Derby originally operated 16.7 miles of track over a route of 13 miles. It was chartered by the Connecticut legislature in 1864 but construction work did not begin until 1867 after a survey by Colonel M.O. Davidson of New York City was completed. The first contractor, George Chapman & Co. abandoned work in 1869 for non-payment. After the charter expired, the City of New Haven funded the railroad by acquiring bonds and a new charter was approved.

The new contractor, Willis Pratt of Springfield, Massachusetts also quit in 1871 when the directors decided to build the line to Ansonia rather than end it at Derby. Local assorted contractors finished the line. With great fanfare, the first train full of "proper New Haven citizens" arrived in Ansonia on August 5, 1871. Rural Ansonia and Derby now had a steel highway direct to the "Elm City" of New Haven.

In 1889 the railroad was leased to the Naugatuck Railroad which was in-turn later absorbed by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

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