New Jersey & Pennsylvania Railroad Company

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The New Jersey and Pennsylvania Railroad Company was incorporated in the state of New Jersey in 1904.

The line went into receivership in 1915, when James R. Pidcock of Whitestone Station, NJ put up $500 of earnest money to purchase the line. At the time of the bid, Pidcock agreed to pay $27,000 for the line and also be responsible for $15,000 in taxes owed to the state of New Jersey. It didnít seem to matter to Pidcock that the line had also racked up an additional $280,000 in debt. Pidcock wanted to purchase the line that ran from Watnong to his hometown. Then, it became clear as to why the debt didnít matter to Pidcock - he had recently escaped from a sanitarium in Milledgeville, Georgia and happened to be walking by at the time of the lineís auction. His lawyers later argued that he was dillusional at the time of the auction and the deal was ultimately voided.

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