Oakland Traction Company

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In 1895, The Realty Syndicate was formed as a holding company, to begin consolidation of the local street railways in Oakland. Three years later, the company formed an operating company called the Oakland Transit Company, which was to acquire various street railways. In 1902, the Oakland Transit Company was reorganized as the Oakland Transit Consolidated Company. In 1904, the company was reorganized again as the Oakland Traction Consolidated Company, and two years later it became the Oakland Traction Company.

In 1912, the Oakland Traction Company was merged with the trans-bay San Francisco Oakland & San Jose Consolidated Railway, forming San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways. The local and the trans-bay systems continued to be operated separately. The company was sold in 1923 to the Key System Transit Company, and sold in 1946 to the National City Lines as subsidiary Key System Transit Lines. This entityt was then acquired in 1960 by the publicly owned Alameda Contra Costa County Transit District.

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