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The Paterson and Newark Railroad was incorporated in New Jersey in 1864 and operated as a subsidiary of the Erie Railroad.

A New York Times article from March 18, 1866 detailed how engineers were at the time marking the exact route of the line. The Paterson depot was to be located on Grand Street and the line would run past the “rolling mill” where it would connect with the Erie. It then would cross the Centreville swamp, proceed through Franklin and then on to Belleville. The road then would cross the Passaic River where it would connect with the New Jersey Railroad at a location between the East Newark depot and the Centre Street bridge. The line would then continue on to Jersey City, for a total of 17.93 miles of trackage. The line was planned for completion in November of that year.

The line later became known as the Paterson, Newark & New York Rail Road Company.

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