Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad Company

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The first boom that contributed more than anything else to the prosperity of Wellsburg West Virginia was the completion of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad from Wheeling Junction, opposite Steubenville, to Wheeling, the formal opening of which occurred on Monday, February 25, 1878. The telegraph line was completed and ready for business on the 1st of May, the same year.

The company also had a significant role in the development of the Benwood Nail Works as one of the area’s premier iron works. The site of the Benwood mill was chosen with reference to facilities of transportation, and the selection proved a wise one. It originally adjoined the Baltimore & Ohio road and river. The completion of the Central Ohio road, and the construction of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad bridge over the Ohio river, and later the extension of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad to that point, and the building of the Ohio River Railroad made the position of the Benwood mill one of the most commanding in the Ohio Valley.

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