Rock Island Company

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Incorporated in New Jersey in 1902, this company owned no physical property it was a holding company dealing in the stocks and bonds of the "Rock Island Lines. Through stock purchases, the company controlled Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company and the Rock Island Improvement Company. The Rock Island Company was consolidated into Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company on 1/1/1948.

In the early 1920s Huddie Leadbetter otherwise known as Leadbelly, learned to sing and play The Midnight Special while serving time for murder in the Central State Farm at Sugarland Texas. It was about the Southern Pacific train that passed near the prison farm every day around midnight. Often the lights flashed through the cell windows and its whistle echoed across the landscape. It became a cruel reminder of life beyond the Sugarland fences Leadbelly also recorded Rock Island Line. The Rock Island Company laid tracks through Arkansas in the early 1900s and it started life as a work chant used by the railroad gangs.

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