Rochester & Lake Ontario Rail-Road Company

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The Rochester and Lake Ontario Railroad was incorporated May 17, 1852. The company’s Rochester station and roundhouse for steam engines was located at Portland Avenue and Bay Street. The line ran to the lake, where the company purchased land to build Sea Breeze Park.

In 1899, with the line already struggling, an accident on a curve on the way to Sea Breeze Park killed one person and injured 50. The accident drove the company into bankruptcy and the Rochester & Suburban Railway acquired the route for its electric equipment. The newly formed union was called the Rochester & Suburban Company.

In 1909, the New York State Railroad took control of the Rochester & Suburban Company. The line was eventually part of the New York Central Railroad system, and was known as the “Dummy Line.” The name was taken from the structure over the locomotive’s boiler built to help prevent the engine from scaring off horses.

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