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In October 1850, the Rutland and Washington Railroad ran its first passenger cars: a special trip to the Rutland County Agricultural Fair in Castleton. One passenger was not too pleased by the one open car (smelling of sheep) and by the two small passenger cars with unplanned hemlock benches on steel springs. A railway official responded that this was a special train, run at a return-ticket cost of fifty cents per person, with cars procured on an emergency basis; on the second day, the passenger cars had fine velvet seats. The 9-mile trip took 40 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes on the return trip.

This line also was the very first railroad the infamous Jay Gould invested in, when in 1860 he bought the bonds of the Rutland and Washington railroad at ten cents on the dollar, abandoning every other interest and putting all his money into railroad securities. Mr. Gould said "I still retained my early love for engineering and I was watching the railroads. After the panic (of 1857) everything went down very low, and I found a road whose first mortgage bonds were selling at ten cents, the Rutland and Washington Railroad, running from Troy, NY to Rutland, VT. I bought a majority of the bonds at ten cents, and left everything else and went into railroading. That was in 1860. I took entire charge of that road. I learned the business, and I was president, treasurer and general superintendent, and owned a controlling interest."

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