Sidney Dillon

Sidney Dillon
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Sidney Dillon (1812-1892) was one of the more important railroad magnates in United States history. Also a well respected financier, Dillon built a section of the Boston and Albany in 1840. Thereafter, he built thousands of miles of railroad in America and was principal contractor for the Union Pacific (1865-69). He served as director of that road and as its President.

Dillon was also a central figure in the famous “golden Spike” ceremony joining the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad, thus forming the United States’ first transcontinental railroad. On May 10, 1869, in anticipation of the ceremony, Union Pacific No. 119 (carrying Dillon, T. C. Durant and John Daff) and Central Pacific No. 60 (better known as the Jupiter, carrying Leland Sanford) locomotives were drawn up face-to-face on Promontory Summit, separated only by the width of a single tie. As many as 3,000 government and railroad officials and track workers were present to witness the event, with Sanford striking the ceremonial last blow.

The town of Dillon, Montana is named in his honor.

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