Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Company

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Randal Morgan, W. Kelsey Schoepf, and Hugh J. McGowan formed the Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company (THI&E;) on 1 March 1907. The Indianapolis and Western Railway, the Indianapolis and Eastern Railway, the Richmond Street and Interurban Railway, and the Indianapolis Coal Traction Company were predecessor companies. On 25 March 1907 the THI&E; acquired the Terre Haute Traction and Light Company and in 1912 purchased the Indianapolis, Crawfordsville and Danville Electric Railway. The company also controlled the Indianapolis Street Railway. Profits from the street railway and the power company assured the survival of the THI&E; through the 1920s but the company went into receivership on 2 April 1930. The Danville, Martinsville, Lafayette, and Crawfordsville lines were abandoned on 31 October 1930. The Sullivan and Clinton lines ceased operations in spring 1931. The United Midland Corporation purchased the company at auction on 23 June 1931 and incorporated the remaining portions of the line into the Indiana Railroad system.

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