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The Trenton Street Railway was incorporated 1898 as consolidation of the Trenton Passenger Railway (incorporated 1891 as consolidation of Trenton Horse Railroad Company, City Railway Company, Hamilton Township Street Railway Company, and the South Clinton Avenue & Broad Street Railway Company), the Ewing Passenger Railway, the Mulberry Street Passenger Railway and the Pennington Avenue Passenger Railway.

Subsidiaries serving suburbs outside Trenton included Mercer County Traction Company (formed 1899), the Trenton Pennington & Hopewell Street Railway (acquired 1903), Trenton Hamilton & Ewing Traction Company (formed 1905).

In 1910, the Trenton Street Railway and the three above suburban companies were leased to the Trenton & Mercer County Traction Company.

In 1929, Trenton Street Railway was succeeded by Trenton Transit Company, and in 1959 by Capital Transit Company. Streetcars were discontinued in 1934. In 1969, Capital Transit Company was acquired by the publicly owned Mercer County Metro, which continued to operate buses until 1984, when New Jersey Transit assumed operations.

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Trenton Street Railway Company

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