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The Utica and Mohawk Valley Railway was based in Rome, New York and was originally incorporated as the Rome City Street Railway Company in 1885. In 1907, it became the Utica and Mohawk Valley. In 1912, it was purchased by the infamous New York Railways conglomerate. New York Railways was formed in 1909 when the New York Central Railroad consolidated its previously purchased Rochester Railways, serving that city, plus the Rochester & Eastern Rapid Railway and Rochester & Sodus Bay interurban companies. In 1912 it added the Rochester & Suburban Railway, the Syracuse Rapid Transit Railway, the Oneida Railway, and the Utica & Mohawk Valley. In effect, the big steam railroad system then monopolized local and intercity passenger business along its Mohawk Valley mainline.

Patronage on the streetcar and interurban lines declined in the 1920s, thanks to autos, buses, and paved roads -- but the electric utilities owned by the company grew. As a result, in 1928 the New York Central sold its control of the New York State Railways system to what became the Associated Gas & Electric Company. No sooner had this happened than the stock market crashed, and on December 30, 1929, the company was put into receivership. Afterward the interurban routes were abandoned along with many unprofitable city and suburban routes. Streetcar service was abandoned on the U&MV; in 1933. Bus service continued under the name Copper City Bus Line.

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Utica & Mohawk Valley Railway Company

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